Do you want a flying start!?

Join us and learn how to take off.

CAMION TRANSPORT, a recognised education scheme provider, gives male and female apprentices a sound education for the following professions: road haulage specialist, road haulage practitioner, logistician and office administrator transport.

Every year, around 15 youngsters begin an apprenticeship in our company. We are committed heart and soul to investing time and knowledge in training young people and turning them into conscientious employees. We place great value on a good relationship with parents. Close collaboration and mutual support are very important for us.

«Junior Driver» – a proven scheme

CAMION TRANSPORT offered the «Junior Driver» training scheme in January 2007 for the first time. The course provides the basic training for driving category C vehicles.

The concept primarily targets people who have already completed an apprenticeship, ideally in the automobile, construction, logistics or agricultural sectors. The training is to be done alongside work, lasts for nine months and includes 16 theoretical days of training. 

Our employees can make use of this scheme to upgrade their category B driving licence to category C.