Office administrator transport with Federal VET diploma (EFZ)

Office administrator in the general cargo transport sector fulfil demanding business services connected to freight transport. They are concerned with security aspects, tariff structures, legal regulations and transport policies. They calculate offers, prepare statistics, process payments, handle correspondence, monitor shipments an set out driving routes. 

CAMION TRANSPORT's office administrator training is wide-ranging and multi-facetted. After a short time, trainees are already in a position to carry out their own work independently. To broaden knowledge of the sector, trainees participate in an external job-linked course every six months. The course, organised by the Swiss association of commercial vehicle operators ASTAG, takes place in Lyss/BE.

Trainees change departments every semester in order to receive a comprehensive overview of the transport industry's important services. The trainees work in the accounts and human resource departments, as well as in warehouse management, sales/customer care and in scheduling operations. During the three-year apprenticeship, they learn to verify and book accounts receivable/payable, prepare correspondence and are taught about the insurance sector. They check invoices on their own, set up driving orders according to economic and ecological criteria, as well as prepare customer dialogues. After a certain time, trainees assume their own areas of responsibility. 

Due to our nationwide network of branch offices, trainees can opt to work at one of our locations in a different language region (the French- and Italian-speaking parts of Switzerland).

We make every effort to train apprentices to be efficient, independent and optimally-prepared office administrators. We provide support in all sectors as our trainees are accompanied by our long-serving and well-trained instructors.

Office administrator transport with Federal VET diploma (EFZ) – facts and requirements

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