Road haulage practitioner with Swiss certification (EBA)

Road haulage practitioner transport all types of goods. They are responsible for handling shipments correctly when loading an securing them, as well as when unloading at recipients' sites. They know the national and international transport regulations. They are responsible for a vehicle's operational safety and perform smaller service and maintenance work. 

Road haulage practitioner drive delivery vans, with or without a trailer, and small articulated lorries. When vocational training begins, trainees are presented with an overview of the different range of tasks. They work in the goods handling sector, load/unload vehicles and assume responsibility for labelling goods correctly for onforwarding. The method provides trainees with important knowledge concerning the transport of general cargo.

In addition, modular courses at our sister company LARAG Ltd provide trainees with the basic technical knowledge and manual skills required for vehicle management. The trainees work in the truck repair shop and carry out their first service and maintenance work on light goods vehicles under supervision. Workshop assignments take place throughout the entire apprenticeship. 

We give them a gradual introduction to transport tasks, which includes learning how to drive a vehicle. Trainees initially accompany an experienced driver on his rounds and learn the day-to-day business of a road haulage practitioner and direct contact with our customers. 

At the age of 17, a trainee receives his/her provisional driving license after passing the theory test. Afterwards they are immediately able to carry out the first transport trips with our in-company driving instructor. At the minimum age of 17 years and 6 months, trainees can take the driving test for cars (cat. B), and after passing, they can work alone as a delivery van driver. Trainees take the driving test for trailers (cat. BE) during the second year of their apprenticeship.

Great demands are placed on road haulage practitioner due to the amount of traffic on the roads. Absolute concentration is necessary at all times. We provide support in all sectors as our trainees are accompanied by our long-serving and well-trained instructors. 

Road haulage practitioner with Swiss certification (EBA ) – facts and requirements 

We do not have any free places for road haulage practitioners at present.
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