Traffic congestion situation

According to Switzerland's Federal Roads Office, FEDRO, traffic congestion hours amounted to 25 853 in 2017. This is 7.4% more than in 2016 (2016 with a total of 24 066 traffic congestion hours = +5.4% compared to 2015 and a twofold increase since 2009). Traffic congestion will continue to worsen in all regions of the country in coming years.

The growing amount of congestion on Switzerland's road network causes transport industry costs to rise every year. Significantly more time, vehicles and therefore more personnel are required to handle the same order volume today. The need to use greater amounts of resources has a massive negative impact. It is no longer possible to compensate for this through efficiency enhancements and optimization measures. We are therefore obliged to introduce a congestion surcharge.

Congestion surcharge

Switzerland's Federal Roads Office FEDRO
Report: Traffic flows on national highways  (not available in English)
Map: Pressure on national highways  (not available in English)