Fire Safety Drill in Burgdorf

Brandschutz Ettiswil AG carried out a fire safety drill on 23. April 2018 for the employees of our Burgdorf branch.

With the help of everyday situations, Heiri Müri, Head of Training, explained and demonstrated in a very lively and informative manner how a fire can break out, and how to extinguish them or, more specifically, how to behave correctly in the case of a fire.

Everyone had the opportunity to extinguish a real fire with a fire blanket or a fire extinguisher. In this way, we learned, among other things, that a fire blanket should not simply be thrown over the fire. Your own safety always takes first priority. This means that you must hold the blanket properly using its special handles, and gently lay it on top of the fire. Otherwise, improper use can quickly cause burn injuries.

There were wide eyes all round as Mr Müri extinguished a mobile phone battery fire. First of all, there was a considerable explosion, and the fire was unable to be extinguished using conventional methods. This was particularly alarming, as many of us sleep with our mobile phones at our bedsides, and because a battery fire can break out even when a smartphone is switched off.

Conclusion: we learned a great deal, and are up to date once more. The training course is highly recommended for learning how to act correctly in the case of emergency.


Article in d’Region, edition number 18 published on 1.5.2018 (in german)