CAMION TRANSPORT is acquiring interests in SBB Cargo AG via Swiss Combi AG

We are acquiring a 35 percent interest in SBB Cargo AG via Swiss Combi AG – made up of Camion Transport (share: 40 %), Planzer (share: 40%), Galliker (share: 10%) and Bertschi (share: 10%). We will become a partner in Switzerland’s leading freight transportation company. SBB AG will continue to be the majority shareholder with a share of 65 percent.

In September 2018, SBB AG announced that SBB Cargo AG opens their shareholder structure for a minority participation. By gaining a partner, they aim to further increase the company’s competitive position on the market and focus on developing the company together.

Together with Planzer, Galliker and Bertschi, we made the decision to pursue an interest in the company due to our mutual interest in making Swiss rail freight competitive. The planned merger can only go ahead if approval is received from the competition authorities. A decision is expected to be reached in the first quarter of 2020. If permission is granted, SBB Cargo AG’s governing board will be made up of a maximum of seven members, with SBB AG providing two representatives. Josef Jäger and Nils Planzer will sit on the board as representatives of Swiss Combi AG.

Outside of Swiss Combi AG, the four family companies will remain independent from each other.

Competitiveness increases
Rail freight transport will continue to serve the supply chain for all present customers, as well as gain new customers and increase capacity. This applies for combined transport, as well as for wagonload traffic. At the same time, the service will also become more reliable and more efficient. Furthermore, new logistic solutions are being devised, for supply and waste disposal in densely populated areas, for new door-to-door services and in the sector of city logistics, for example. As a result, rail freight is becoming a more competitive option in customers’ supply chains and modes of transport are being employed according to their strong points: rail transport for long distances between economic areas and roads for more specific distribution services to end customers.

CAMION TRANSPORT’s involvement
This involvement is strategically important for us. We have been using environmentally friendly rail transport since 1985. By acquiring interests in SBB Cargo AG, not only will we be able to help shape the future of Swiss rail freight transport, but we can also contribute to making future progression successful. This merger represents a major investment in safeguarding and furthering our rail transport system. In addition, it is in line with our objective of providing services in the most environmentally friendly way possible.


SBB AG press release (in German)