CZV Advanced Training Course

The internal CPC courses took place on two Saturdays in March 2018 with a total of 64 participants.

The participants dealt with the topics «securing cargo», «traffic safety», «bullying in the workplace», as well as «what’s new and important in the Schwarzenbach branch». The instructors used practical examples to help freshen up the participants’ knowledge. A former police officer demonstrated why securing general cargo is such a big and important issue each and every day. A driving instructor also explained road traffic law to the participants in more detail, as well as the legal provisions and how to drive correctly at a roundabout.

The topic of «bullying in the workplace» was also addressed. With a lot of sensitivity, the instructor explained how you can recognise conflicts on time and prevent bullying using the corresponding measures.

The head of transport and head of shipping at the Schwarzenbach branch instructed the participants on air freight. A customer also provided a practical demonstration of how fragile their transport goods are.