«Emission-free in the city centre» – Positive results

The one-year pilot phase of «emission-free in the city centre» will soon come to an end. Those responsible look back on a successful year.

In June 2019, we started the «emission-free in the city centre» pilot project in order to test an environmentally friendly city logistics concept. After twelve months, Josef Jäger, Director of CAMION TRANSPORT, says: «The results are positive. The concept stands for ground‑breaking, intelligent dispersal of goods. When it comes to small shipments for city logistics, the course we have taken is the right one». However, the pilot phase has also clearly demonstrated the challenges.

«eActros» – Opportunity seized
The electric truck integrates very well into the emission-free delivery process. The limited range is no obstacle to concentrated dispersal in urban areas. However, with the current mileage, trips from the Schwarzenbach city hub into the foothills of the Alps in Eastern Switzerland are severely limited. The feedback from the drivers is positive. They appreciate being involved in the pilot project. Lively interest and goodwill can also be felt on the part of customers and the general public.

New technologies have their price. Josef Jäger estimates the costs to be one and a half times those of a comparable diesel vehicle. It is not yet possible to carry out a reliable calculation because key information regarding cost blocks is missing.

Collaboration with Velokurier
We are continuing the partnership with Velokurier St.Gallen. The division of labour is well established and has proven its worth. «This combination of trucks and muscle power was new territory for us. It’s exciting and we benefit on both sides», project manager Fredy Würzer is pleased. Based on the positive experiences, we are also already working with a bicycle courier as our partner for small shipments in the urban area in Basel and Vevey. The transport concept with an emission-free last mile using a cargo eBike, cargo eScooter or bicycle remains part of day-to-day operations.

Next steps
We are sticking to the ambitious objective of delivering to the city centre with zero emissions from 2025. The pilot project shows that the course we have taken is the right one. We are continuing to collect experience with quiet electric vehicles for delivery journeys.

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