IT specialist with Federal VET diploma (EFZ), System technology

The tasks of IT trainees who specialize in system technology begin with planning computer networks and end as soon as the system is connected. The IT trainee’s day-to-day work includes the installation of operating systems, application programs and networks. The systems may be more or less sophisticated, depending on the size of a company. Some systems are linked to worldwide networks.

CAMION TRANSPORT’s apprenticeship for IT specialists encompasses a wide range of multi-facetted and interesting tasks. After a short time, trainees are already in a position to carry out their own work independently. The tasks include the preparation of IT concepts and the installation of systems and software solutions. Trainees also expand existing IT facilities and teach the respective users.

CAMION TRANSPORT has branch offices throughout Switzerland. Therefore trainees are able to work in all the country’s different regions.

During the four-year apprenticeship, we provide all the relevant knowledge that is required to pass the final examinations. There are no hurdles to prevent a successful conclusion of the apprenticeship.

Great demands are placed on a IT specialist and they are rising steadily. We accompany a trainee from his/her first day in our company until he/she obtains the Federal Vocational Education and Training (VET) diploma. Our trainees are accompanied by our long-serving and well-trained instructors and we provide support in all the different sectors.

IT specialist with Federal VET diploma (EFZ) – facts and requirements

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