Eco Balance

We believe sustainability should be taken for granted.

The climate change topic is on everyone’s lips. Interests and opinions are very varied. It is clear to us that we want to maintain a balance between economy and ecology. Therefore we concentrate on our own measures that we specifically develop and implement within the framework of our «Eco Balance by CAMION TRANSPORT» programme.


Taking the leading position in Switzerland’s transport ecology is our goal. All topics and measures relating to the environment are summarized in our programme. We consistently invest in a modern, eco-friendly vehicle fleet and optimise our services in terms of sustainability (city logistics, route planning, etc).

We encourage our employees to think and act in an eco-friendly manner. Eco-friendly procurement, waste separation, recycling and energy-optimised infrastructures are additional important components in the programme. We improve our environmental performance by minimising our energy consumption and waive the need of purchasing certificates. Our «Eco Balance by CAMION TRANSPORT» Programme won acclaim when it received the Eco Performance Award in May 2012.

Eco Performance Award

CAMION TRANSPORT Press release 2012 in German

Article International Transport Journal in May 2012

«Eco Balance by CAMION TRANSPORT» brochure 

If you are interested in our environmental brochure, please contact the sales / customer service department in your region or the head office of CAMION TRANSPORT,