Logistician with Federal VET diploma (EFZ)

Logisticians transport, store, distribute and prepare goods in a professional manner. They receive goods, inspect them and register the inbound items in the warehouse management system. They work with forklift trucks or other conveyor equipment. 

Logisticians are responsible for the professional management of various goods. They pick, label and pack goods appropriately for transport according to customer specifications. They prepare the appropriate delivery notes, register outbound goods in the management system an learn how freight vehicles are correctly loaded and unloaded. 

Trainees complete the forklift operator course in the first year of the apprenticeship. After obtaining the forklift driving licence they are able to put larger items into storage and retrieve them.

Logisticians are required to continually monitor the warehouse inventory to prevent capacity constraints or excess stock. After a certain time, trainees receive their own orders, process them and serve drivers on the ramp. They also learn how to handle hazardous goods and the regulations that apply to such material. Trainees gradually shoulder full responsibility for different tasks and take care of customers themselves. 

Logisticians have to fulfil high standards. Absolute concentration is needed when dealing with goods. We put all our effort into teaching our trainees how to be industrious, independent and well-prepared logisticians. We provide support in all sectors as our trainees are accompanied by our long-serving and well-trained instructors. 

Logistician with Federal VET diploma (EFZ) – facts and requirements

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